GooglereaderIf you are reading lots of blogs on a regular basis, consider using Google Reader to optimize your time. The advantage of using a feed reader like Google Reader is processing lots of information quickly. Spend time to learning the ins and outs of Google Reader, and you will be able to exponentially increase the number of blogs you read in a day.

Learning the keyboard shortcuts can cut your time in half. The more I use Google Reader, the more often I refer to the shortcuts to learn even more tricks. At the very least, use j and k to quickly flip through posts, and use s to star them.

My preferred method is to quickly scan everything using j/k, and star the items I want to read later. I have the Reader app on my iPhone, and when I have five minutes to kill, I use the app to star things I want to read on an actual computer screen.

WebWorkerDaily has a couple of other nice tips, including sharing items directly to Twitter and Facebook using the send to feature.

(photo: ruminatrix)

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