Yesterday, I switched my default search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo. I have decided Google knows enough about me, and I will no longer share my search history.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that looks a lot like Google did before it started eliminating organic search results. It works really well, and its focus is on instant answers — giving you the answer without forcing you to click on a link and investigate.

DuckDuckGo also takes privacy really seriously. It doesn’t collect any information about you or your searches; you just get the information you are looking for. Here is founder Gabriel Weinberg talking about the DuckDuckGo approach to search:

So far, I have run dozens of searches, and I don’t feel like I have lost any utility by switching. That’s what DuckDuckGo is going for: “frictionless privacy.” When a company like Google or Facebook offers a far superior product, you have a good reason to give up some privacy to get it. When you can have your cake (privacy) and eat it, too (good search results), then there is no reason to suffer the indignity of Google knowing about that rash on your butt and serving you up butt-creme ads on every website you visit for the next few weeks.

Give DuckDuckGo a try. You’ll like the simple interface, instant answers, and playful attitude, and you won’t miss the overwhelming presence of advertising or the loss of privacy.

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