We use Google Apps at our firm, including Gmail and Google Calendar. Although I love all things Mac, I prefer Gmail over MobileMe for a work email account. Thankfully, Google has now integrated Google calendar into Gmail.

Is this a revolutionary change? No. But it makes things a bit easier for rabid Gmail users. Many times, I will send an email asking about something, and then send a separate GCal invite to talk about the same issue.

Now, that can all be done within one simple email. If you already have access to the recipient’s calendar and availability, it only gets better. When you click on “Insert:Invitation” Gmail will show you the person’s availability within the window, so that you do not send an invite that is bound to be rejected for availability reasons.

I know that Outlook has a very similar function. I also know that many solo practitioners and small firms use Gmail instead of Outlook. While this change is not going to revolutionize how you manage your practice, it does not make things more convenient, and saves you time.

(photo: Gubatron)

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