As Google continues their enhanced campaigns upgrade, some of the first enhanced AdWords campaign numbers are beginning to emerge.

From Inside AdWords:

Florida-based law firm worked with its search software and agency partner, WordStream, to upgrade its campaigns. The two teams completed the upgrade – including a full update of Colombo & Hurd’s mobile, location, and time bidding strategies – in less than 30 minutes. Since upgrading to enhanced campaigns, Colombo & Hurd reported that mobile click-through rates rose by 53%, CPCs fell by 13%, and mobile conversion rates increased by three times.

This example appears to contradict the concerns of many advertisers that the enhanced campaigns upgrade was likely to lead to significant increases in costs-per-click.

While getting cheaper clicks and better conversions sounds good, the core question is whether the firm was able to achieve a return on investment and attract the type of new clients they want.

According to WordStream, Colombo & Hurd’s paid search management partner:

As of early May, Colombo Hurd had increased customer conversion rate on mobile ads by a factor of three and reduced the cost of a new customer acquisition by 149% with the new mobile marketing campaign.

Of course, you might be skeptical of these sources. After all, Google makes money when people click on their ads and WordStream is paid to manage AdWords accounts.

According to attorney Rusten C. Hurd, as quoted in the Case Study (.pdf):

“The vast majority of clients find us through Google,” Hurd says. “We’re thrilled with AdWords enhanced campaigns. I’m really happy to have made the upgrade.”

I reached out to the attorneys at the firm for further comment, but they were not interested in participating.

It should go without saying that AdWords advertising isn’t right for every law firm. As Sam points out in the LAB:

There are two important keys to success with AdWords: (1) experiment, and (2) track results.

If you’re trying to decide whether Adwords advertising is right for your law firm, you should consider the following:

  1. Are the people you want to attract as new clients using Google to find lawyers like you?
  2. Taking into account your overhead, value of your time, average value of a new client, etc, how much can you spend on advertising to acquire a new client through AdWords?
  3. Where are the people you want for clients located? Just in your city or select zip codes or statewide?
  4. What language are these people likely to use in searching for a lawyer like you?
  5. What devices are they using to perform these searches (i.e. smartphones, tablets, desktops)?
  6. Are your landing pages optimized for mobile devices?
  7. How will you track success (i.e. phone call tracking, email tracking, live chat, measuring return on investment)?
  8. Do you have enough knowledge and time to manage your campaigns yourself or should you get assistance?

If you want to learn more about Google Adwords enhanced campaigns, download Bid Like a Pro Strategies for Success with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns (.pdf) and spend some time in the AdWords Ehanced Campaigns Help Section.

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  1. Avatar LampyB says:

    “Of course, you might be skeptical of these sources. After all, Google makes money when people click on their ads and WordStream is paid to manage AdWords accounts.”

    I’m assuming you manage SEO + PPC for clients free of charge then? If not, the source of your free recommendations and Enhanced Campaigns guide should be considered skeptical as well.

    Come on now, this was a low blow against the source that you’re piggybacking your blog post on.

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