Let’s face it: even when you can understand them, No Parking signs suck. They are like a finger wagging no every time we try to park on a street. However, when we are faced with a No Parking Wednesdays from 4pm–6pm sign, at least we can rest assured that we actually understand the thing.

Not so with this crop of traffic signs, which make it nearly impossible for you to comply with whatever laws might be behind them.

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  1. Paul Spitz says:

    When I lived in Boston, there was another parking hazard in the North End. Residents would “reserve” a parking spot by putting an orange cone or a lawn chair in the spot. Woe to anyone that dared move the cone or lawn chair so they could park. Also, the mob had a big presence in the North End in those days, so you also risked your life (and not just your car) if you took a mob spot.

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