Randall and I have both weighed in (here’s Randall and here’s me) with tips for asking a lawyer for advice, but Texas lawyer-blogger Mark Bennett has some valuable tips, too.

[W]hen you ask for advice, explain what you think the problem is …. Then explain what work you’ve already done to find the answer …. Then—and only then—explain the facts.

A thousand times this. In fact, this goes for more experienced lawyers and non-substantive topics, too. Bar association listservs are littered with brain-dead subject lines like “Thoughts on defending a deposition …” and “What do you think about Dropbox?” with no further context or explanation. Then the poster gets offended when you send a snarky response.

But I digress. Just go read Mark’s post before you ask a lawyer for advice, whether it’s on suppressing drugs or which scanner to buy.

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