Give Your Twitter Account a Bad Memory

Twitter has a perfect memory. It remembers everything you tweet, no matter how much thought you put into it at the time. If you prefer your social networks a bit more ephemeral, check out TweetDelete. TweetDelete is a free service that can automatically delete tweets from one week to one year old.

You can even start from scratch by having TweetDelete deleteĀ all your existing tweets.

The effect is to give your Twitter account a reliably bad memory. All you have to do is visit TweetDelete and authorize it to access your Twitter account.

Deleted Tweets Aren’t Erased from the Internet

It should go without saying, but deleting your old tweets definitely does not mean they no longer exist. Besides screenshots of tweets and tweets embedded in public websites, plenty of services (not to mention government agencies) scrape Twitter on a regular basis.

Deleting your old tweets just means they will no longer be found on Twitter. Mostly.

Back Up Your Tweets

If you’d like to keep copies of your tweets for your own use (edit: or to head off spoliation accusations), here is an IFTTT recipe I created for backing up your tweets, @replies, and RTs to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive:

IFTTT Recipe: Backup Tweets to Google Drive connects twitter to google-drive

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