icon_ubiquity_mWhen Mozilla Labs introduced Ubiquity last August, I boldly said that “Ubiquity will change the way you use the web.” As Ubiquity matures, it is doing just that.

Ubiquity is sort of a dashboard for Firefox. When you bring up Ubiquity, you just tell it what you want to do. Let’s say you want to email this post to a friend. If you are not using Ubiquity, that means opening up an email client, looking up the email address, copying and pasting the URL, and hitting send.

If you are using Ubiquity, you just bring up Ubiquity and type something like “email to sam,” and it will create a message with the page linked and ready to go. You can also use Ubiquity to check your calendar (“check Feb 10”) or search Amazon, Wikipedia, Google, etc., without visiting those pages first. And more:

Ubiquity Demonstration from Gina Trapani on Vimeo.

Ubiquity | Mozilla Labs
Make Ubiquity Your Ultimate Firefox Commander | Lifehacker


  1. Aaron Street says:


    As you know (from Twitter) I downloaded Ubiquity last week.

    It’s an amazing piece of software.

    My only issue is that because it’s designed to live off-screen until you launch it, I never remember to use it when I could. I guess I just need to put a post-it note on my screen as a reminder for a couple of weeks until I actually make it a habit.

  2. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Same here, but I am working on making it a habit.

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