If your practice is locally focused, getting found in the traditional organic search results isn’t the only way to get found online (although it is a good one). Almost as important, is to ensure that you have claimed listings in the various local listings of the major search engines.

Getlisted.org is a great place to get started:


By simply entering your firm’s name and zip code, Getlisted.org will scan some of the major local search results to verify that you have claimed your listing.

Currently, the service scans Google Places, Yelp, Bing’s local listings, Yahoo’s local listings, and the Best of The Web directory.

According to their Mission Statement, Getlisted.org is:

“A resource for small business owners to learn more about the way their businesses are listed online. As our Mission Statement says, our goal is “to help small businesses claim and enhance their listings at major search engines.” GetListed.org currently focuses on businesses based in the United States only, but an international version of the site is in development.”

Principals David Mihm and Patrick Sexton are leaders in local search. Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey is one of the very best resources of Local Search Engine Optimization.

Want to learn more about local search? Check out our resource page on the very topic!


  1. Avatar Chotrul SEO says:

    One thing worth adding to this is that if you are not in the US, then getlisted.org does not work.

  2. We have seen localized link building make a huge difference for many law firms. Not only are your site visitors typically much more targeted, your local search footprint gets a great boost from local-focused websites.

  3. Avatar KS Media Group says:

    Sometimes the local listings in the “map” sections have already been set up by some of the yellow page directories with inaccurate information and it make it really hard to correct those. Organic, natural search results still seem to be one of the best ways to be found and there are some cutting edge companies that can get it done.

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