It is easy to focus on clients legal problems and the surrounding issues, and lose track of who your clients are. Do you know where your clients are from? Where they work? Are they soccer fans? Most of the time, those details are not pertinent to your case. But they are extremely relevant to your relationship with your client.

Nearly all of our cases are flat fee cases. When I make small talk with a client, it is because I care, and not because I am trying to pad my bill. Small talk allows clients to provide more details about their life, and allows you to showcase your personality.

When you are sitting outside a courtroom, talk to your client. Putting your BlackBerry away and engaging in a conversation will do wonders for your relationship with your client. I was in that situation today, and I put my client at ease by telling him “this is gonna be fun, besides, you get to watch me sweat.”

Treat your clients with respect. When you are done with court, or a meeting, walk them to the door and shake their hand. It is so simple, and so easy, but it can make all the difference in the world.

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  1. Gyi Tsakalakis says:

    Not only will getting to know your client help your relationship with that specific client, it will also help you get more clients through both referrals and helping you identify and “know” your target audience for your future marketing efforts.

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