backupsmartphoneHaving your office in the palm of your hand is great, until your smartphone has a panic attack and needs to be restored to factory defaults. Having a backup for your smartphone ensures you never get caught looking like an idiot.

Our office uses Dropbox, Gmail, and other cloud apps to ensure we have a mobile office. If my iPhone crashes, I can still access everything from a computer.

But if I need my iPhone to be back in business quickly, I can easily wipe my phone, and restore from a backup in a matter of minutes. My apps, settings, and everything else will restore to exactly the way they were before the crash. Other smartphones have similar programs that can make things better in a hurry.

Make sure your phone has a backup to get you back up and running in a matter of minutes.

How To: Backup Any Smartphone | Gizmodo

(photo: xiffy)

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  1. I synch my BB with Outlook daily, so that is my backup, at least for my critical data. I don’t read and edit documents on it. Seems the easiest way

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