Get More From Your Legal Blog

I love legal blogs as a marketing tool and a way to increase the visibility of your firm. There are plenty of ways to keep your blog strong, and one of them is to make it more user friendly.

Add a FAQ section

Your top five questions could simply be five questions that potential clients ask all the time. For example, question one could address free consultations versus free case evaluations. If clients continually ask about a law, or a legal process, you can link to a post you wrote on the law and procedure.

Just because answers to frequently asked questions are within your blog, that does not mean clients can easily find them. Creating a FAQ can change that.

Make it easy for clients to call you

You can add a plugin that allows visitors to your site to click their mouse to get you on the phone. Installing this plugin, however, is a double-edged sword. You may get deluged with calls. Or, you might receive phone calls from people that turn into clients that previously would not have called. At a minimum, it is worth experimenting for a month to see what the result are.

Make your contact form interact with your client relationship management software

You can also install a plugin that interacts with your client management software (CRM). When a visitors fills out the contact form, it will automatically convert it into whatever CRM format you use. That can make tracking potential clients that much easier, and make your intake process more efficient.

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