If you want to try talking to your computer instead of typing, here’s your chance to do it with the best software. TigerDirect.com is offering the Home version for $40 this week, with two $20 mail-in rebates (i.e., $0). NewEgg has a similar deal on Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium, which is just $20 after the rebates. [via Lifehacker]


  1. Michael Kemp says:

    It’s a good program and I’ve been looking for a deal on it for a while, so I bought it. But NewEgg was out of stock and the rebates at Tiger will send you jumping through so many hoops for a rebate 8-10 weeks after processing that I just gave up. $40 is still a good price for a good program, but just FYI.

  2. Brent Rose says:

    And both offers were on the previous version of the software.

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