For the next 50 days, will give you 50 GB free when you sign into the iOS app. And that’s “completely free, forever.” If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, do it right now, because that’s a great deal. To put it in perspective, a free Dropbox account comes with 2 GB free, and an iCloud account comes with just 5 GB. is document storage in the cloud. It allows you to upload and download files as easily as you move them in and out of folders on your computer (yes, you can drag and drop to your browser). There’s even a free add-on app that lets you integrate into Microsoft Office.

It is also built for sharing. would be a great way to share files with co-counsel or clients, because they don’t need to have special software to use it.

Most small firms won’t need more storage than 50 GB. I’ve only got about 16 GB in my Dropbox account, and that includes 7 years of client files.

In other words, this is a Great Deal. Sign up now.

(Hat tip to Engadget!)


  1. I see that also has an android app. Will it work to borrow an iOS device, download the app, sign up, then subsequently use the account on your android device?

    Sounds like it might be worth it for those of us not cool enough to have an ipad/iphone!

  2. Matt Taylor says:

    Unfortunately this promotion lives by the “no free lunch” saying. Files are limited to 100mb each, which isn’t that much of a deal breaker, but they won’t sync to your desktop computer, which kind of is a deal breaker.

  3. Crina says:

    This is indeed a great offer from !

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