I am honored to be the newest Lawyerist contributor and I look forward to participating in one of the most interesting and informative sites the legal community has to offer.

My offerings may be a little different than the many other fine contributors to Lawyerist in that most, if not all, will come to you in the form of videos. Why? Because I have found that video forms a bond and trust with your viewer. Video differentiates you from everyone else. Video establishes you as an expert without you ever having to say you’re an expert.

No other professional service has as much to gain from effectively harnessing the power of the online video revolution than the legal profession, and I am eager to show and tell you why.

As a practicing New York medical malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer for over 22 years, I am just like you. I share all the same concerns and challenges you face every day. The only difference is that I’ve discovered how educational video produced, optimized, and published properly can empower you to quickly and easily create and launch an effective online video presence that turns calls and clicks into clients.

I currently receive over 75% of my new business online, and my website consistently comes up #1 in the organic search position out of the millions of results that Google recognizes for “New York medical malpractice lawyer.” I continue to occupy that enviable position despite my competitors spending tons of money to get higher placement. Best of all, I don’t pay a dime for that to happen.

Through my posts, I will explain why and how:

  • attorney video is the best way to communicate with your potential clients
  • video converts viewers into callers
  • video gets a viewer to like you, trust you and want to call you
  • new relevant video content, released consistently over time can help dramatically improve your search engine rankings

You can also follow me at the Lawyers Video Studio blog, which has become a leading online resource for Legal professionals seeking knowledge on the practical use of this effective new tool to market legal services.

2 responses to “Gerry Oginski, Lawyerist Contributor”

  1. Congrats Gerry! I have the pleasure of knowing Gerry now for a few years now. Gerry and We Do Web Content share some of the same colleagues and clients they are always elated with the work Gerry did for them. Gerry knows the value of “CONTENT”. Great job Gerry, Best of luck!

  2. Gerry Oginski says:

    Thanks Alex!
    It’s always a pleasure to see and learn from others who ‘get’ attorney marketing and do so in a way that is ethical and different from everybody else.

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