Welcome to the new Lawyerist.com! I've spent quite a lot of time over the last three months under the hood of the site, and I’m excited to finally hand it over to you.

This redesign began in October, when I posted a survey on Lawyerist.com and asked for feedback in the Lawyerist, TBD Law, and Associates Mind Slack communities to find out why you come to the site. The clear answer: to see what's new. So the new front page doesn’t just highlight new posts, but also pages and downloads. And when a post is part of a series, you’ll see it in context, with other posts from the same series. The front page will also keep adding new posts as you scroll, so you can keep going until you are all caught up!

We've also seen a steady increase in visits from people using smartphones and tablets. Currently, mobile devices account for just over a third of visitors to Lawyerist.com. So it was a priority to make sure Lawyerist.com works just as well on your phone as it does on your desktop—and now it does!

I also cleaned up the header, which had accumulated way too many calls to subscribe, follow, and connect. Now it’s just the title, tagline, and navigation menu. Speaking of the menu, it is smaller and more useful, especially on mobile. No more scrolling for ages just to find the search menu. Font sizes are larger throughout the site, and I cleaned up the content column. Now it’s pretty much just the post.

There are a bunch of other changes, but I’m sure you won’t notice most of them. Still, I hope you’ll like the result. (And, of course, put any feedback in the comments.)


  1. Todd Hendrickson says:

    Sam, I like the new design!

  2. I’m a fan of the new design as well and glad that you kept Equity.

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