I usually don’t shop at Joseph A. Bank because I think they are very over priced. But once in a while they run really good sales, and this week is one of those times. We’re looking at six suits, each for under $200. With the seasons changing, now is a great time to start picking up some winter suits and putting those lighter summer outfits to rest.


  1. Naomi Fein says:

    What a good laugh I got from this! When I saw the headline, I thought you were writing about LAWsuits. Well, I guess in a way, you are.

  2. Jonathan Moody says:

    I normally wouldn’t suggest buying suits of this quality – its usually better to buy a single $800 suit (of the proper quality – please do not buy clothing thinking that price=quality) than to buy 4 $200 suits, as a quality suit will last longer, and if properly altered, will be more comfortable, than a succession of 4 cheaper suits. However, for a starting attorney that is seeking a solid navy and solid grey suit for the purpose of starting your wardrobe, such suits may not be a bad deal. However, I would consider looking at the current Jos. A Bank sale of 70% off your first suit and 80% off your second suit. This could easily get you started with a basic wardrobe for well under $350. Just take the suits to a quality tailor for alterations – same price for someone who may actually know what they’re doing.

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