Finding a Blog Niche

The key to a successful law blog—for marketing purposes, anyway—is to build a great blog in a specialized niche. When a blog is focused, it draws more readers and search engine traffic for that practice area, which produces more potential client leads.

Despite appearances, not all the good niches are already “taken.” While there are many niche blogs vying for traffic in the top spots, there is plenty of room for a newcomer who can raise the bar. Also, as Kevin O’Keefe points out, blogging is not just about traffic, it is about extending your persona to the internet so you are easy to find, and so potential clients can get to know and trust you before they ever pick up the phone to call you.

Are the good law blog niche subjects already taken? | Real Lawyers Have Blogs


  1. Avatar Harry Styron says:

    There’s no question that many niches for lawyer blogs are still vacant, partly because many aspects of the practice of law are very local in a geographic sense. Other blogs are about important subjects that are of interest only to a few.

    The Avvo legal blog rankings mix together several distinctly different kinds of blogs: those about the law practice management, law office technology, social commentary by lawyers, academic legal blogs, and subject matter blogs. The Avvo rankings are based on Alexa scores (which I don’t know much about), but really have nothing to do with whether a blog is penetrating its intended market, which may be a metropolitan area, a state, or those interested in a very narrow subject having national or international importance, though with a very numerically small potential audience.

  2. I think this is great advice. When you narrow your topics down you draw a more dedicated audience. I think with law and legal blogs one of the easiest ways to find your niche is to use a certain area of practice. I started a blog about Criminal Law called because I am an aspiring law student. I feel my blog helps me understand the issues, and facts about the this AOP while allowing other to give feedback.

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