BillQuick is timekeeping and billing software with two versions: a desktop-based, Windows-only version and an online program, BillQuick Online.

BillQuick Highlights

BillQuick desktop. BillQuick’s desktop version is very comprehensive and handles time and expense entry, billing, invoicing, and payments. You need to install it locally on each computer you use, and if you’d like all your computers to be able to talk to one another, you’ll need to install it on your network.

BillQuick Online. If you choose to use BillQuick Online, you will be able to use BillQuick in your browser. You can host it on your server or in BillQuick’s cloud. Your data will be stored in both the cloud and on your computer, and you can sync between the two.

Customization. BillQuick offers custom programming services so that you can set up reports and invoices tailored to your firm, allow you to set up third-party application integration, and even create applications for you.

Training and coaching. BillQuick provides some classes tailored to every type of user. There’s an overview level class covering information about how to set up clients, projects, phases, activity and expense codes, vendors, and employees. There are also classes that deal with timekeeping and billing individually.


BillQuick Online is a subscription service with two types of plans. The Professional Plan costs $19.95/month and includes support for 20 users, time and expense tracking, project management, and billing. For $24.95/month, the Enterprise Plan adds accounts payable, reports, and invoices. Contact BillQuick for price information on the desktop version.


Image of BillQuick Legal Screenshot Laptop and Mobile View

 Billquick Legal
Starting Price$19.95/month
Starting Processing Fee
Free TrialYes
Time Tracking
Expense Tracking
Online Payments
Accept Payments
Request Payments
Send Money
Recurring Payments
Project Management
Document Management
Basic Accounting
Accepts Major Credit Cards
eCheck/ACH Deposits
International Transactons
Issue Refunds
Fraud Protection

Things You Might Want To Know

Migration. BillQuick can import text files, ASCII text files, and Excel spreadsheets. They also have a utility to import Timeslips data.

Security. If you use BillQuick, you will be storing the data on your computer or server, so you are in control of the level of security. If you use BillQuick Online, the company says they take “all reasonable precautions” to keep your data secure and use redundant storage hosted by Rackspace.

Apps and Integrations. BillQuick desktop integrates with accounting programs like QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, and MYOB. There’s also a BillQuick Outlook Add-In that will convert your Microsoft Outlook appointments, emails, and tasks into BillQuick time records. BillQuick will also customize integrations with other apps you choose.

Who BillQuick is For

Though the customization possibilities are attractive, BillQuick desktop is likely overkill for most small firms who won’t need features like vendor credit documentation or a collection center. Additionally, having to buy and install a copy of the program on each of your machines and run a server to sync data may be time- and cost-prohibitive for firms that don’t have a standalone IT department. If your firm is larger, however, and is looking to get a handle on its data and wants a lot of customization, BillQuick may be a good choice.

BillQuick Online gets around the problem of multiple installations by being a cloud-based service, but it is not legal-specific, so lawyers may find its framework of setting up “projects” a bit clunky.

BillQuick Rating:


  • 7.5/10
    Customer Experience & Support - 7.5/10
  • 7.3/10
    Pricing & Value - 7.25/10
  • 10/10
    Security - 10/10
  • 7.3/10
    Innovation & Future-Proofing - 7.25/10
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