Authorize.Net is a credit card payment processor that allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks via your website easily. It also includes a virtual terminal so you can accept mail and telephone payments.


Verified merchant seal. Authorize.Net offers a seal that you can place on your website. When visitors click the seal, a verification window pops up confirming that your firm is an active Authorize.Net member.

Recurring billing. You can automate your recurring billing through Authorize.Net. You just create a subscription for the client and include their payment information, a billing amount, and a payment schedule. You can also let clients choose installment payments from a custom payment form. There is no additional per-transaction fee to use recurring billing.


Authorize.Net charges a $49 setup fee and has both a monthly fee and a per-transaction fee.

  • The monthly gateway charge (required to use Authorize.Net) is $25/month.
  • All credit cards have a 2.9% fee per transaction and an additional 30 cents per transaction.
  • All e-checks have a 0.75% fee per transaction.


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Starting Monthly Fee$25.00
Starting Processing Fee2.9% + $.30
Free TrialNo
Support24 hours via phone, ticket, chat support available 6am-8pm EST
Accept Payments
Accept Payments via Website
Recurring Payment
Send Invoices
Request Payments
Accepts Major Credit Cards
eCheck/ACH Deposits
International Transactons
Issue Refunds
Fraud Protection
Trust Account Compliance

Things You Might Want to Know

Security. Authorize.Net  is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is the industry standard for credit card processing. They also offer a fraud detection suite that allows you to set your own filters to maximize legitimate transactions while preventing fraudulent ones.

Apps and Integrations. Authorize.Net integrates with QuickBooks so that you can sync your daily transactions automatically and avoid double-entering payment data. It also integrates with a number of retail point-of-sale systems that are likely of less use to attorneys.

Who Authorize.Net Is For

Authorize.Net is a good solution for those firms that want to use one program to accept credit cards, e-checks, and in-person payments and would like the cost of those transactions to be fixed and predictable. However, if your firm is looking to accept mobile payments, Authorize.Net does support mobile web payments and checkout, but you’d need to hire your own developer to make that work. Finally, the app isn’t lawyer-specific, so if you’re looking for a payment solution that could split transactions between regular and trust accounts, Authorize.Net will not work for you.

Authorize.Net Rating:


  • 6.7/10
    Customer Experience & Support - 6.67/10
  • 6.7/10
    Pricing & Value - 6.67/10
  • 10/10
    Security - 10/10
  • 4.7/10
    Innovation & Future-Proofing - 4.67/10
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Our Rating: 3.5/5

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