Fewer Suckers Took the LSAT This Year

This year, just under 130,000 starry-eyed law school hopefuls took the LSAT, down from over 170,000 two years ago. 130,000 happens to be the lowest number of test-takers in 10 years. Let’s call it a market adjustment. (HT LSAT Blog.)


  1. Avatar Andy Mergendahl says:

    I wonder how low that number would need to get before low-ranked law schools would start to think, “We just aren’t getting the quality students we need to produce effective lawyers. It’s time to close our doors.”

  2. Avatar Matthew Rutherford says:

    Andy, you made my day! I wonder what color the sky is through the eyes of a law screwl dean? I think its green, much unlike the rose color of future 1L’s

  3. Avatar chuck hunter, esq says:

    The lower ranked Law Schools will never think “we’re not getting quality students, let’s close” LOL They will NEVER close their doors and there are plenty of high quality students attending such schools and always will!!
    Esp. if the law school is a proprietary type of one that likes to make $!!

  4. Avatar chuck hunter, esq says:

    Quality is defined as serious students intent on graduating from law school who may, or may not actually practice lex!

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