Feedly, the RSS Feed Reader of Tomorrow

In a recent post, Randall recommended using Google Reader as your RSS feed reader. While Google Reader is a fine choice, I prefer Feedly. Feedly, recently named by ReadWriteWeb as one of the top 10 semantic web products of 2009, is a Firefox add-on that simplifies the process of sorting through and sharing information online.

Feedly pulls the feeds you subscribe to using Google Reader and presents them to you in a far more user-friendly interface. Feeds appear in a magazine-like view that is much easier on the eyes and sorting through new items is simple and intuitive.

Feedly does not stop there, however. It also allows blogs posts and articles appearing in your feed to be shared quickly and easily. Choose the appropriate button in the tool bar appearing at the top of each item in your feed and, with the click of a button, you can share content on Twitter or Facebook. Feedly automatically creates the body of the post and shortens the link for you. E-mail the content to a client or colleague to whom it might be of interest, add it to your delicious bookmarks or clip it to Evernote.

Feedly also has a new experiment called “Karma,” which allows tracking of the links you have shared on Twitter. You can see which links are most popular, how many times people have re-tweeted your links and how many times people clicked through to the content.

Finally, Feedly allows content to be shared quickly via e-mail or Twitter as pages are viewed on the Web via a mini-tool bar appearing at the very bottom left corner of each Web page.

I use Feedly on a daily basis and love it. It’s one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools. Give it a try—it might soon be one of your favorites as well.

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