In my office, I have no fax machine. I also have no copier. One of the reasons for a paperless law office is, of course, to avoid the cost, expense, and environmental impact of all the paper a normal law office generates. Plus, with good procedures, it’s a lot easier to be organized without paper.

So as I set up my office, I decided to use an online fax service rather than a physical fax. With a physical fax machine, I would have to take incoming paper faxes, scan them, and then shred the original (or forward it to my client, if the client did not have e-mail). With an online fax service, I could get incoming faxes delivered right to my e-mail inbox as PDF documents, and outgoing faxes go out by e-mail. I could do both without a piece of paper.

The fax service I use is GreenFax. It costs me $12.95/month for up to 250 pages and a unique fax number, and 7¢/minute to send faxes. I put $20 into my account over a year ago for sending faxes, and I haven’t exhausted it yet. When you consider that a land line costs at least $35/month, and you still have to purchase a fax machine and supplies, an online fax service doesn’t just save paper, it saves you money. Plus, you can get and send faxes wherever you have internet access.

There are other fax services out there. Check them out. It’s cheaper and easier, even if your goal isn’t to go paperless.

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