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For over four years now, Lawyerist has been writing about the legal technology you use to run your law practice.

We know lots of you are quite tech-savvy (others, less so, which is fine). So for those of you who think some about tech, we wanted to know what other tech-related blogs you visit regularly.

Please 10 seconds to let us know by posting your response in the comments below.

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  1. Ted Brooks says:

    Current topics: iPad apps for trial presentation & jury selection

  2. Greg Lambert says:

    Make Use Of –
    It not only talks about tech, but also walks you through how to actually use it.

  3. Deborah says:

    Small City Law Firm Tech –
    Nerino Petro’s Compujurist –
    Practice Hacker –
    TechRepublic’s MS Office Blog –

  4. William says:


  5. I like Clio’s blog, DavidBlinski’s blog, Bill Winterberg’s blog and LegalTalk Network. Sorry no links, just google them.

  6. TechDirt!
    And Geekologie (it’s fun & pretty geeky – why I like it!)

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