We recently released the list of most-viewed posts on Lawyerist in 2010, then asked you to vote on which posts were your favorites.

Below, for your (re-)reading pleasure are your four favorite posts from the past year:

  1. A Few of the Best Law Firm Websites: A review of some well-designed law firm websites, including a review of the features that make them great.
  2. Starting Law School this Fall? Advice for Pre-1Ls: Students admitted to law school should follow these tips before law school starts in the fall.
  3. How to Succeed in Law School: Our best tips for how to be the best law student you can be. From networking, to interviewing, to class selection and exam tips, it’s all here.
  4. Going Solo: Debunking the Top Ten Fears: New and prospective solos are full of fear and anxiety. It’s understandable. But it turns out that a lot of those worries just are not warranted, so go forth!

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