Thanks for checking in on our ongoing Lawyerist poll series.

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This week marks Lawyerist’s 4-year anniversary. Whether you’ve been reading us for years or days, thank you for helping make Lawyerist one of the most-visited law blogs on the Interwebz.

We’re curious to know what law blogs (other than your own and Lawyerist) you read regularly.

Please take 10 seconds to let us know by posting your response in the comments below. (Seriously, don’t list your own, we already know it’s your favorite).

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  1. Derek Birkeland says:

    Roy Ginsberg’s (of Dorsey) Quirky Questions blog. Roy’s blog is very insightful, uses real-life examples, and can be quite funny.

  2. Tim Evans says:

    I never would’ve thought I would have trouble limiting this to just one, but if I must, I’d have to pick Legal Practice ProProperty (

  3. Douglas B. Jacobs says:

    My favorite non Lawerist Legal blog is Jay Fleischman’s “Legal Practice Pro:” Jay combines practical advise with tech tips with practice pointers. A great read with many terrific ideas.

  4. Jenny Moser says:

    Along with Lawyerist, my daily reading always includes Lee Rosen’s Divorce Discourse (

  5. Nord says:

    “Abnormal Use”

    Gallivan, White & Boyd Products Liability Blog.

  6. Ted Brooks says:

    Recent topics include reviews of iPad apps for trial presentation & jury selection and California’s AB 2284 Expedited Civil Jury Trials Act.

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