When the iPad first launched last year, there were conflicting views on the iPad—some people thought it was lame, others thought it would be awesome.

Frankly, I wavered between thinking it would be great for client meetings and then wondered if it was really that helpful.

A new app called SignMyPad has me back on the bandwagon and ready to purchase an iPad 2.

How it works

The app lets you add a signature, date, and text to any PDF file. You can open and edit PDFs that are sent via e-mail or open PDF documents stored in Dropbox and other popular cloud storage options.

Once you open the document in SignMyPad, you have a few options for editing. You can add a signature to any part of the document. When you add a signature, a large input box appears at the bottom of your screen to allow you to sign using your finger or a stylus. Depending on your preference, you can sign in black or blue. When you are done, you can drag your signature to any part of the document. You can also easily shrink or enlarge your signature.

You can also input plain text and the program also allows a similar scaling options—bigger or smaller depending on your preference. The app can also input the date and insert checkboxes.

Once you are finished, you can either save the PDF within the application, or e-mail the completed document.

The app works almost flawlessly

Aaron and I played around with it and we were both impressed. The finger-based signature has great scaling—signatures look natural and smooth. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

It is annoying that you can access Dropbox documents but not save to Dropbox. That missing feature, however, does not undermine an otherwise great app.

Useful for client meetings

If you run a paperless law office or mobile law office or frequently visit clients at their homes, this app is a must have. Instead of carrying around retainers, you can have clients sign your iPad, and e-mail copies of the executed retainer to them and your own e-mail account. There are other ways to do this, but SignMyPad makes it very easy.

Although there are some concerns with the validity of electronic signatures, the app almost flawlessly replicated Aaron’s real signature, which should alleviate concerns on that front.

Compared to some of the other electronic signature apps I have reviewed, SignMyPad is easily the best. At $3.99, it is worth giving a shot.

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