Although I think having an office fosters success, I still do about 25% of my work from home. Whether you choose to work at home, or need to work at home, try a couple of these tips to make the experience a success.

Do your work where you are most productive. Do not force yourself to work in a basement office if you get nothing done. If you get distracted at the kitchen table, but can still work there, then do it. The goal is to try and match your productivity from your office. It is highly unlikely you can focus 100% in your office, so do not pressure yourself to exceed your “normal” productivity at home.

Embrace the more casual atmosphere. Some people need to wear a suit at home to be productive, but most of us do not. Wear jeans, or t-shirts, or your pajamas. Whatever makes you comfortable, go for it.

Stick with your normal hours. Similar to above, do not force yourself to work an extra two hours just because you are working at home. If you usually are in the office from 9-6, close your laptop at six.

Get out of the house. At the end of the day, walk around the block, go buy some milk, whatever gets you out of the house. The goal is to mentally separate your work day from your home life.

(photo: RaeA)


  1. Hmmm. Not wear a bowtie around the house? What if the mail carrier needs legal advice? In the old TV show, Batman and Robin were always suited up in the bat cave. Of course, more modern movies have taken a different approach. Maybe it’s time for me to reconsider . . .

  2. Randall Ryder says:

    I am a firm believer that dressing up as Batman or Robin positively effects productivity.

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