Don’t look now, but maybe you should rethink typing your own documents and switch back to dictating. Now, reading this, you fall into two camps: the people that grudgingly learned how to type after years of dictating and the people that never learned to dictate in the first place. Likely only one set of you is happy about this development.

Now, you can mercifully take this all with a grain of salt, because the study was conducted by, surprise surprise, a company that handles digital dictation. And an external partner might very well be likely if you switch over to dictation but do not have on-site support staff to actually transcribe your dictation.

That said, their benchmarking tests do show a significant speed increase in switching back.


(Chart courtesy of bigHand)

Oh wait. That is only four lawyers that were tested. And no mention of the productivity cost gains you lose when you turn around and pay someone else to transcribe your dulcet tones.

So let’s face it: if you are itching to dictate again, you can wave this study around. If you refuse to ever do so, you can waive this study around and point out the fact that its methodology is sorely lacking. Either way, everybody wins.

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