Law school admissions continue to tank. If this seems like something you have seen before, it is because we have covered it time and time again since 2012. The most recent figures from LSAC show that applicants for Fall 2015 are down 2.5% and law school applications are down 4.6%.


I realize at first glance that graph may look like applications are actually increasing over time or, in the alternative, that it is backwards and puts the most recent year to the left. After much staring, I figured out that what it shows is that by June 2015, law school applications are down significantly over Fall 2014 and Fall 2013.

Law school enrollment keeps on dropping like a stone as well. There, we have hit a 41-year low.  So what is happening to all the bright young things who used to go to law school? At least some of them are instead going to engineering school, where you can actually get a job that pays you decent money. What a concept.

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  1. Avatar Goaty McCheese says:

    In other words, now is the time to apply to law school.

  2. Avatar jameskatt says:

    No jobs or only low paying jobs after graduatino means you may never be able to pay off the $300,000+ in school loans you accrue. The top students interested in law will always go to Law School.

    But the dregs of law school – those who won’t amount to anything – are being lost in larger numbers.

    The silver lining is that the remaining law schools will still keep the top students who deserve to be lawyers.

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