Every lawyer can thank technology for being a great friend and for making the portable law office a realistic possibility. If you use technology correctly, you can make your law practice more efficient, and make your life easier. In pursuit of that, I believe every lawyer should use a Mac.

Your computer will not crash as often

You can say whatever you want, but Macs are less prone to virus issues. For one, there are fewer Macs, so hackers design fewer viruses to attack them. Two, the operating system makes Macs less prone to attacks. It should be noted, however, that many federal districts require users to run anti-virus software, including Mac users.

From what I have seen from the latest Windows, it appears to be more secure. But if you find yourself annoyed at virus attacks, or even just waiting for virus scans to check your computer every morning, then consider the switch.

I have been using Macs for probably fifteen years. I cannot remember ever getting shut-down by a virus.

You can usually get in person support the same day

I have had my issues with the Genius Bar in the past. It appears, however, that the geniuses are much better with computers then iPhones. Nearly every time I have taken in a laptop, the issue is fixed the same day.

You can make an appointment online, or you can just show up. For lawyers, who tend to ignore deadlines until the day of, this can be critical.

The best part about the Genius Bar? The initial diagnosis is free and most fixes are easy and do not cost you anything. If you do not have the luxury of an IT department, this can be a lifesaver.

Better screens = less squinting

Macs have great screens and yes, you can tell the difference. When you stare at a screen all day like most lawyers, you will be thankful.

Macs are worth the extra money

Yes, you will pay more for a Mac. But you are paying for something that looks better, works better, and will make life easier for you.

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