A century after first taking pen to paper and documenting the mathematical relationship between mass and energy, Albert Einstein would appreciate today’s revolution: Brilliant ideas deserve equally brilliant documents.

TheFormTool PRO 2.0 (The Math Edition) released today adds more than two dozen sophisticated math functions to its already robust toolkit while retaining its most cherished feature, a learning curve measured in minutes, not months.

Moving numbers around can be the bane of a lawyer’s practice, often tedious and rife with risk., but what a difference TheFormTool PRO 2.0 makes to document assembly and forms automation!

No longer do attorneys need a spreadsheet, calculator, abacus,10-key or scratch paper to do the math in a document or form; no more risks of dropping a digit or scrambling format in “cut-and-paste” arithmetic; no more transposing figures or counting on fingers.

Now documents can do their own adding; deduce how many beneficiaries there are in a will and which are minors and which are adults; calculate whether an estate is worth $.58 million or $5.8 million; calculate periodic payments on a self-amortizing note and total interest paid over time; sum up assets in a bankruptcy; figure the sales tax which applies to some items but not others, at varying rates depending on location; and a thousand other pesky but essential computations.

TheFormTool is already drawing rave reviews from among its thousands of users for its ease of use and powerful document assembly and forms automation features. THeFormTool combines a dozen core capabilities with an intuitive menu and commands that are fully integrated into MS Word, the document origination tool of choice for most lawyers. Users generally are able to start automating their own documents within ten minutes and many start building smart forms, in fact brilliantly intelligent forms, their first day. No need for professional installers; no call for expensive consultants. TheFormTool is a true “plug and play” tool for those whose livelihood depends on the written word.

Core features of TheFormTool include date precedents; noun/pronoun and singular/plural agreement; lists, lists within lists and master lists; network support; and, yes/no, choice and multiple choices; boolean logic and conditional decisioning.

Today, TheFormTool PRO 2.0 adds math: more than two dozen sophisticated functions, including DAYS and DATES; MIN, MAX, and COUNT; PMT, ROUND, RAISE and ROOT; LOG and ABS; and a dozen more. Like its other functions, TheFormTool PRO 2.0‘s math functions can be linked and nested in almost endless combinations to support even the most complex calculations.

When your matters matter and you want to energize your documents so they make their own accurate calculations at the speed of light, then reach for the tool with the power to be simple,™ TheFormTool PRO 2.0.

Learn more about how to make your own documents so smart they can internally calculate Professor Einstein’s equation — and yours! — at TheFormTool.com

Still only $89 for a lifetime license, the decision to buy TheFormTool PRO is a no-brainer, but the results are brilliant.

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