If you are serious about preparing your practice for the next ten years, join a select group of ahead-of-the-curve lawyers like you who will reimagine the practice of law, rethink the way lawyers and clients work together, and retool their law-firm business models for the next decade—and demonstrate that innovative lawyer isn’t an oxymoron.

TBD Law is not open to everyone and it is not a CLE. At TBD Law you will work with your peers and a curated group of legal thought leaders to redesign your practice from the ground up.

The Next Meeting

We’re busy preparing for the next meeting of TBD Law right now, so we’ve turned off the application form. If you are interested in coming to a future meeting, stay tuned! We’ll announce the next meeting on Lawyerist.com as soon as we finalize the details.

Apply for an Invitation to TBD Law

But for now, you can check our a sample agenda (subject to change) and the list of who attends TBD Law. You can see the books we have distributed at TBD Law on Amazon.

Invitation Only, Inclusive by Design

Attendance is capped at 55 so everyone’s voice can be heard. Since we have to be selective, we only accept applications from lawyers who are willing to engage with big ideas.

Restricting attendance also lets us emphasize diversity. We take it as a given that innovative lawyers come in all genders, colors, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Learn more about our community standards.

Not an Ordinary Conference

TBD Law is a unique mix of conference, summit, retreat, design-thinking workshop, and hackathon. We have replaced the speakers you would usually find on a conference agenda with probably the best meeting facilitators in the country: LexThink founder Matt Homann and the Filament team.

(After all, you can watch speeches on YouTube.)

By Innovators, for Innovators

Leave the status quo back home. At TBD Law you will focus on building the future of your practice with lawyers who will push you to engage with ideas outside your comfort zone and form goals you can take home.

What’s Included

Enough coffee, food, and drinks to fuel a day-and-a-half of intense conversations and mind-blowing practice hacking. At least one book to inspire you. An online community of innovators to help you reach your goals. An insanely fun trip to the City Museum. And a whole new perspective on the practice of law.

Apply for an Invitation to TBD Law

The application deadline is Friday, July 14th.

Planning Team

What TBD Law Alumni Are Saying

I had no idea what to expect, but I figured it would be pretty amazing. It was. TBD Law is THE BEST law conference I’ve ever been to!

—Jess Birken


Go! Make time in your schedule, make space in your budget, and go! These were the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo, and I will continue to reap the benefits of these two days for years to come.

—Megan Zavieh


TBD is like no other conference. If you are serious about legal innovation, rethinking traditional law practice, and self-evaluation, do whatever it takes to clear your schedule and attend. The TBD experience requires you to think outside of the box and challenges the barriers that we often build to limit our law practices. It provides the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded colleagues from across the globe and the best part is it does not end after the conference is over.

—Brandon Moffitt

Outstanding! A chance to join a think tank of the brightest and best lawyers. So here is the thing: I’m really an introvert in big groups, yet I found myself making friends, talking to anyone and everyone and finding a free exchange of everyone’s best ideas. After the conference, that culture has continued in full force. Hats off to Sam, Aaron, Lisa, and Matt!

—Kristin LaMont


TBD Law was unlike any conference I have attended. I left having met wonderful contacts and energized and inspired about my practice.

—Billie Tarascio

[I]t was about as far from traditional legal conferences and CLE sessions as you can get.

ABA Journal

TBD Law is a Partnership between Lawyerist and Filament


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