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Hosted by the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, CodeX FutureLaw brings together academics, entrepreneurs, legal hackers, policy makers, and others to discuss the future of law. It’s a bit different from other legal tech conferences like ABA TECHSHOW in that the attendees mostly aren’t practicing lawyers looking for ways to use technology in their practices. Instead, attendees are mostly people trying to build, regulate, and teach the tools and business models of the future of law.

If you want to immerse yourself in the future of law or meet the people trying to shape that future, CodeX is a great place to go.

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April 5, 2018


Paul Brest Hall, Stanford University, 555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford, CA 94305

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What to Expect at CodeX FutureLaw

A room full of future-of-law geeks geeking out on the future of law in an academic setting. If that sounds like your thing, you’ll probably enjoy it, but here are a sampling of the topics planned for FutureLaw 2017:

  • Perils and Promise of Predictive Analytics in Law
  • Rule Systems
  • Rise of the Legal Chatbots
  • ABA Report on the Future of Legal Services
  • Why Law Firms Should Embrace Matter Standards
  • Legal Education Reform in the Age of the Robolawyer
  • Customer Roundtable

You can also watch this “moot court” session Sam did with Jake Heller and and Pablo Arredondo of Casetext and Keith Lee of Associate’s Mind:

What Not to Miss at CodeX

For the most part, CodeX is a day of speaking and panel sessions. But look for extra-curricular events the night before and after the schedule.

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