Ensuring Facebook is Private


Just last week I wrote about preparing your Facebook page for public disclosure. One of my tips was to make sure your privacy settings were just right. A new piece of open-source software will automatically scan your privacy settings and tell you if they are adequate, or if you should double check them.

How it works

Go to reclaimprivacy.org and follow the instructions. Once you have logged into Facebook, click on the bookmark and it will scan your privacy settings and give you instant feedback.

Are you giving up security by allowing the program to scan your settings?

Maybe. The site says they do not see your Facebook data and they would never share your personal information (sounds like something from Facebook’s privacy policy from three years ago).

I am not a computer a wizard (as noted by one reader last week). But the program says it only runs within your browser, and does not actually access Facebook.

Why you should try it

I have been blabbing for months about setting your privacy settings correctly. Although nearly all of my settings were correct, turns out one was not, and this handy new program let me know it. Even a computer dummy like me could understand what the scan meant.

In other words, you might think your settings are just where you want them, but you might be wrong. I do not think the program itself is a security risk and it can quickly and easily help you secure your page. I say the reward—peace of mind about your Facebook page— is worth the risk.

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