Enhancing Your Online Bio


Last week I wrote about what information should be in your online bio. For the most part, that post was designed towards making sure your bio hits the minimum. There are, of course, other options that can make your online bio stand out from others.

Depending on your practice area and your personality, there are ways to enhance your online bio.

Is a video resume in the cards?

If you have a dynamic, friendly, or outgoing personality, sticking a short video on your site could make your personality shine and draw in some extra clients.

I realize that the majority of lawyer related videos are terrible, so approach this option with caution. At the same time, given that so many bad videos are out there, making a good one could make you stand out. If you are considering this option, I would highly suggest consulting with someone in the video production realm. An overwhelming problem with lawyer videos is the terrible production value.

Visual cvs are an appealing option

Visualcv lets you create a more dynamic online resume. You can add writing samples, performance charts, videos, audio and link to your various social media accounts. For the most part, these are all things you can add to your website on your own, but if you are not technologically talented, this is an easier option.

You can also access and update your cv from anywhere, which is nice for lawyers who are on the go and want to be able to constantly update their latest accomplishments.

Link to LinkedIn as your online bio

I still have not figured out a great use for LinkedIn. That said, if you are not talented in graphic design, linking to your LinkedIn profile will help you avoid creating an ugly online bio, which can frequently happen when people design their own sites. Your bio should still contain the basics, but you can link to LinkedIn for a more complete bio.


  1. Avatar Josh Camson says:

    I’ve been a fan of VisualCV for a while now. My major complaint is that you can’t embed the CVs. This means that on your website, you have to force users to leave the site to see your CV. Pretty annoying in my opinion.

  2. Avatar Wendy Whitt says:

    I share your confusion about LinkedIn. I completed my profile, I joined relevant groups, but all it’s done for me is fill my inbox with group messages (most of which are just plugs for other businesses). Every “marketing consultant” I chat with pushes the idea of engaging on LinkedIn, but I just feel overwhelmed every time I log in.

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