Enhance Your Law Blog


I like legal blogs and you should too. I have written about how often to blog, how to maintain good content, and even how to easily create your firm’s website. Once you have created a blog, here are some tips for enhancing it for readers.

People like pictures

For many of my posts, I spend a few minutes picking a picture that really evokes the theme of my post. I have not done any research, but I am willing to bet many times interesting pictures, rather than the headline, is what attracts readers to particular posts.

At a bare minimum, using pictures helps visually break up your blog, which makes it easier for people to read.

Do you need videos?

I am not convinced that adding video to your blog is a key to success. One, most lawyers will have a tough time producing a video with good content. Just because something is useful does not mean clients need to see you talking about it (instead of reading it).

Two, most lawyers tend to undervalue high quality productions. Shooting a webcam video of you talking about something is not good enough. Hiring someone can help, but it will also hurt your pocketbook.

Should your Twitter feed be on your blog?

There are plenty of widgets that will easily insert your Twitter feed onto your blog. Lawyers can make good use of Twitter, but adding your tweets to a website can be visually distracting. To clients unfamiliar with social media, it can be confusing.

In my opinion, whether you add it really depends on your client base. If your clients are tech savvy, give it a shot. Otherwise, adding a link to your Twitter account will suffice.

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