LegalEdgeThe new Legal Edge app provides a limited, but promising resource on your iPhone.

Legal Edge is free, and provides newsletters, reports, articles, and alerts on twenty different areas of law. The information is all organized by area, and allows you to view the article either via the web or via PDF. Perhaps the best feature is a “contact contributor” button that allows you email the author from your phone.

The app is a nice resource, but its utility is limited. For one, I am not sure how the articles, reports, etc. are collected for the application. If the application only publishes articles from authors connected to the program, that makes it fairly limited scope. On the other hand, if the application searches the internet constantly for articles, the utility is enhanced.

Another major problem is that there is no search feature. Essentially, you can view whatever articles are there, and hope that something of interest or utility will pop up. The likelihood of that happening, however, appear rather slim.

Personally, I would rather setup Google Reader or another program to scour the web for articles and news that is exactly what I am looking for, rather than scroll through a bunch of articles that may or may not be of interest to me.

The company notes that they do work with law firms to create custom applications that can provide employees with access to firm documents and materials, which would be much more useful.

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