Social media can be great for marketing and great at keeping you off-task. Email can save time for certain communications, but incessantly checking also prevents you from accomplishing anything.

If you find yourself distracted while trying to write, here are some great tips to help you focus on the task at hand.

Get out of the office

Working out of your office can increase productivity. You may not fall into your regular habits of checking email every two minutes. Maybe you do not have Tweetdeck installed up your laptop.

A change of scenery can help change your perspective—which should allow you to focus more. Even if a coffee shop is loud, it can function as white noise and help you stay on task.

Use an application to help eliminate distractions

If you cannot resist the urge to stay on task, get a program that will do it for you. There are a number of applications designed to help you write without distractions.

Most the of programs are fairly bare bones and do not have lots of bells and whistles. When you need to write something, however, bell and whistles can be added later.

A common theme with all of these programs is that they will encompass your entire screen. It appears that you cannot change the size of the window—all you can do is use the writing application. If you cannot force yourself to focus, this is good thing.

The downside, however, is that if you need to look at pleadings or another window, it appears you cannot do that with many of these programs. For some people, that will be a deal breaker (and understandably so).

Achieve Zen with OmmWriter

OmmWriter is only available for OS X. I am willing to bet, however, there is similar program available for Windows. I downloaded OmmWriter in part because it was free, but also because I liked the way it looked.

After downloading it and giving it a test-drive, it deserves a thumbs up. The layout allows you to focus and also reduces stress because of the visual and soothing music (if that happens to be your thing).

Although the other programs mentioned do not have similar visuals, I bet they will still have a positive impact on your focus and productivity.


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  1. Yes, Writemonkey is a VERY good idea to write without been “disturbed” by fonts, bolds, quotes, and so… Higly recommended! :)

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