Dropbox Doubles its Paid Plans (or Halves its Prices, Depending On How You Look At It)

Today, Dropbox announced an upgrade to its Pro storage plans. It’s 50 GB plan ($99/year) now gets you 100 GB, and its 100 GB plan ($199/year) now gets you 200 GB. Current Pro plans will be upgraded automatically.

This is undoubtedly a reaction to the low prices Google Drive launched with, although Dropbox will still cost almost twice the cost of Drive storage. Just the same, it’s a sweet perk for paying subscribers to what is still the best file-syncing utility available.

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  1. When you’re talking about $8.33 a month for 100 GB of data storage, it doesn’t matter to me that someone else can offer it for a few bucks cheaper. What I really want is not to have to run up against storage limitations any time soon and have to figure out whether I need to switch services. Dropbox has just extended the usefulness to me of their service by years. And the increase at the high end to 200 GB and 500 GB plans means that small law firms are more likely to be able to use Dropbox as a backup solution, as well as lawyers who want to scan boxes of old files. It’s a win all the way around.

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