While it might not be that “newsworthy,” this is my first experience blogging from my cell phone. I recently switched from a Blackberry Pearl to a Motorola Droid.

I always liked the idea of mobile blogging, in fact, it was one of the main reasons I switched to the Droid in the first place.

Logging into Lawyerist’s WordPress interface was seamless.

While, for the most part, I have become handy with the touch screen keypad, I’m definitely appreciating the slide out qwerty keyboard for blogging.

At maximum zoom out, holding the Droid in landscape mode, I can view the full dashboard from left to right. However, I can still read even the smallest text on the interface, which is fantastic.

Another Droid feature that is helpful for mobile blogging is the directional pad. When it comes to navigating the dashboard, the directional pad is far more effective than the touch screen.

Ok, not the most compelling post ever, but I can definitely appreciate the efficiency of blogging on the move.

For lawyers who find themselves waiting patiently during motion call, mobile blogging is a productive way to kill some time and increase you Internet visibility at the same time.

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