5 Ways to Dress up an Oxford Shirt

The classic oxford shirt is an office staple and pairing it with a pencil skirt is a fail safe outfit. However, it can be quite boring wearing the same type of outfit day in and day out. Here are 5 ways to keep the oxford/pencil skirt combination fresh and fun.

1) Collar Necklace – Adding a bold color necklace adds an unexpected twist to your outfit. It’s bold without being over the top and works in colors or metals.

2) Collar Tips – If the necklace is a bit too much but you still want to add some fun, try adding collar tips to your shirt. While traditionally western wear they have made their way mainstream and down the runways.

3) Wide Belt – Adding a large belt around your midsection adds a lot of character to an outfit while giving you a great figure. The varying textures, colors, and styles of belts give you an endless supply of options.

4) Neck Scarf – Scarves are everywhere and worn almost every season but the delicate neck scarf is almost never seen. Use your oxford as a frame for a feminine and delicate scarf that can be tied and displayed in a variety of ways.

5) Fur/Faux Fur Stole – This one is a bit out of the box but don’t dismiss it until you try it, or at least see it on someone else. Keep the stole simple and short in natural colors and the rest of the outfit classic.

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