If you have been following fall fashion at all you know that leather has been everywhere this fall. Traditionally the thought of leather invokes visions of Danny Zucko’s T-bird jacket and hooker boots of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. However, it has evolved to include almost any type of garment and are essential timeless wardrobe pieces.

There are two main things to keep in mind when selecting leather pieces for your professional wardrobe.

First, avoid anything that is too short or too tight; you do not want to be confused for the neighborhood dominatrix. Secondly, keep the pieces and pairings simple. Leather is a rich statement piece and the rest of your outfit should compliment it. Additionally, studs and other adornments are perfect for a girl’s night out but they should be kept out of the office (this also goes for leather pants).

For the office I recommend investing in a great leather skirt and jacket. For the ASOS and Organic skirts the texture and color pairs well with white and ivory blouses in soft textures and feminine cuts. I would finish off the look with a heeled loafer. You can replace your standby cardigans on almost any outfit with a leather jacket or blazer to instantly transform and update your ensemble.


  1. Susan Gainen says:

    To wear it or not to wear it? That is the “leather” question.
    TO COURT: probably not.
    TO THE OFFICE: depends on your office culture. If everyone wears tailored suits, and a Big Fashion Statement is a Jerry Garcia tie (for men), and a not-white-shell (for women), probably not, unless you are the boss and you can reset the trends.

    If your employer’s dress code is “Professional Business Appropriate,” a suede or leather blazer for women should be fine. Tiny, short, black leather pencil skirt? Perhaps not.

  2. Lauren Roso says:

    I completely agree, a lot of the stuff I write depends on your specific workplace environment and generally never for the courtroom. Thanks for pointing that out!

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