Cloth, a new app for the iPhone, can help all aspiring sartorial specialists dress for success. Cloth helps you keep track of what you’ve worn when. This is terrific because it helps you make sure your rotation of clothes is actually a rotation. But is the app right for you?

Manage the Rotation

I’m sure that I am not the only one out there who plays favorites in the clothing rotation. Repeating certain items in my wardrobe is something I have a real issue with, but Cloth is here to help. The app allows you to take a photo of yourself and categorize it. Categories include, “Evening,” “Work,” “Everyday,” and so forth.

I prefer my gray three–piece striped suit over everything else in my closet. I love my new Superman cufflinks because they help me showcase my nerdiness. Certain color combinations (pink with blue, purple with black/gray) also make more frequent appearances in my daily outfits than others. I’ve been using Cloth for a little over a week now, and it has helped me keep track of what I have worn and when. It’s extremely easy to scroll through your outfits and see when they were worn and in what order, so you don’t repeat things as often.

This app is especially helpful for someone new to the world of dressing like an adult. If you are constantly getting outfit approval from your significant other, you can use Cloth to track smart outfit choices. Some people have a tough time dressing well and need a little help. There’s nothing wrong with that. Cloth can help those people find a dozen or so outfits that work really well and then remember what those outfits looked like.

Of course Cloth is only as useful as you make it. You have to remember to actually take the photographs. I have an issue with this, especially in the morning. But if you can make it a habit, Cloth will be even more helpful.

A Hopeful Future

The app has several other features, such as tagging, sharing, and uploading your outfits. I didn’t see any point in sharing or uploading outfits. If I want to get an opinion on something I’m wearing (which I do sometimes I will admit) then I can just send a picture message with the native Messages app. The tagging feature was intriguing. I had hoped that you could tag outfits based on what you were wearing, and then sort by that tag. For instance, if I add the tag “blue windowpane suit” I would want to be able to then see all outfits tagged with “blue windowpane suit.” Unfortunately the app doesn’t allow that. Without some kind of search feature, the tags are useless.

This app may not be worth the $1.99 that it normally retails for if you aren’t going to photograph your outfits regularly. But it’s currently on sale for the holidays at $.99, which I think is worth it for such a handy little app. This app can’t compete with the advanced 90s software that Cher uses to organize her closet in Clueless, but it’s simple and effective. It could also make a great gift for that friend of yours who needs a little help in the dress for success department.


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