One of my favorite things about fall and winter (although with it still hitting the 50’s here in DC in December, not so sure this is “winter”) is sweater dresses. They’re warm, cozy, and lead to daydreaming about mugs of hot buttered rum next to a fireplace instead of the stale reject christmas cookies in the office kitchen.

The best part about sweater dresses is how easy they make dressing for the day. Sweater dresses are generally pretty warm and thicker than typical day dresses so layering really isn’t involved. Sweater dresses give you a nice base with which to play up your look with accessories, tights, and shoes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for office appropriate sweater dresses. First, avoid super clingy knits, you want it to be body skimming, not body hugging. Secondly, avoid super chunky patterns and knits. The oversized cable pattern is great for your weekend brunch date but not so much for the office, keep with smaller, more delicate styles. Third, watch the length. The dress should hit just above the knee (or longer if you are tall enough to wear a longer hemline) not right under your behind. Fourth, keep in mind the office when thinking about footwear. If your office has a more casual vibe you can probably wear boots with sweater dresses but they also go great with heels, especially fun, chunky mary janes.

Here are some great sweater dress options for your office.

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