I’m not sure how crazy the weather has been in other parts of the country but here in DC we went from sunny and gorgeous to cold, wet snow in less than 48 hours. Since it is January there will be many more dreary days ahead. When the weather is consistently bleak and the sky a depressing shade of grey I find myself trying to combat these downers in a variety of ways; baking, kickboxing class, evening-long happy hours, and with my closet.

Sometimes seeing a fun and fresh outfit on a winter day can be as uplifting as a shot of espresso. Bright colors automatically come to mind beat the winter blues but there is another closet staple that is hands down fun: Polka dots. Polka dots make me happy.  I can’t help but smile when I see them and  you really can’t ask for more in a print. Polka dots are simplistic and clean, but still have a fun and flirtatious feel. Even though polka dots are a print they still lend itself to being complimented well by bold accessories. Chunky necklaces and bangles in a contrasting color work well with polka dots as does a bright shoe. If the polka dot pattern is large then pare down your accessories accordingly, you don’t want them competing.

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