The weather in DC seems to have finally decided to be consistently cold (about time considering it’s early January). This means that warm wool coats are now in constant rotation. I’ve always been drawn to very structured coats and the idea of a cape never really appealed me. However, a few months ago I was working at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon and a friend from the New Zealand house wore a cape and I fell in love.

Capes give you the protection of a winter coat while allowing your arms and torso to have some freedom (we’ve all had the uncomfortable constriction of a heavy sweater under a winter jacket). They are a big trend this winter but a classic cape can be worn year to year. Capes can also be very flattering by hiding a less than perfect upper body and drawing attention to the legs. Skip another peacoat purchase this winter and look into some of the capes below.

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