Today we are re-launching our Dress for Success series in a new format.

Each Friday we’ll scour the web for the best deals in professional lawyer clothes (we’ll rotate between men and women). Our finds might not always fit your personal style, but they’ll always be good deals.

This week we’ve put together a classy blue suit and paired it with brown leather loafers, all at more than 50% off.


  1. Karen says:

    The cufflinks are very handsome, as are the shoes. But why are you putting postings for two pairs of shoes that are both sold out? And the tie too? Wouldn’t it be more helpful to put links to items that someone could actually buy?

  2. Justin Morton says:

    You have a good taste in clothes. I’m just sad most of the items are sold out.

  3. Cathy Moran says:

    In a California bankruptcy court, you’d be overdressed.

  4. john troll says:

    I would guess that your site is most directly aimed at younger lawyers. But young or old $500 for 1 suit, 50.00 for cufflinks and 70.00 for 1 shirt seems needlessly expensive.
    Have you brought to clothes shopping the same attitude that you might bring to buying an office scanner or a cloud computing site?

  5. Allan Knowles says:

    This discussion reminded me of a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm wherein Ed Asner voices his negative opinion of lawyers and Casual Friday…very funny!

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