If you were on the fence about the Doxie Go until now, you may want to wait just a little longer get it now. Doxie just announced an upgrade to its portable document scanner, which it will unveil at CES next week. The scanner itself will accept larger documents, including legal-size pages. The Doxie software adds a handful of new features, like document signing and faxing, integration with Dropbox and Basecamp, and more.

Here are the new features, from Doxie’s press release:

  • Scan longer, scan legal. Doxie now scans paper up to 15” (38 cm) in length, handling U.S. legal documents and long receipts, plus standard sizes like business cards, photos, and U.S. Letter/A4 sheets
  • Enhanced Dropbox + mobile integration. Use Doxie and Dropbox together to share your documents – now Doxie lets you save searchable PDFs to any folder in Dropbox in one step. And on iPhone + iPad, select scans to save to any Dropbox folder for access from any device.
  • Sign documents, deliver faxes. Provide digital signatures and send faxes with the newly integrated HelloFax. Just select your documents, create a signature box, and send automatically via fax or e-mail.
  • Wi-Fi: now just $30, now with Android. Doxie offers optional Wi-Fi for syncing scans wirelessly, now for just $30. Send scans wirelessly to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Evernote, and now Android smartphones.
  • Basecamp project management. Manage projects and share tasks with Basecamp from 37signals. The new Doxie Go uploads business docs directly to any Basecamp project for sharing and commenting.
  • Two all-new accessories for scanning anywhere. Introducing two new add-on Doxie accessories. The new Doxie A4 Case is a premium microfiber carrying case for Doxie, with a padded gray interior and magnetic clasp. And the new Worldwide Power Adapter lets you charge and scan at any wall outlet.


  1. Any word on whether it will allow multi-page scans like the Xerox you recently reviewed?

  2. We’d absolutely have to disagree, Sam! There’s a ton of disadvantages to the Xerox product as compared to Doxie Go.

    Consider the sample scan you posted with your Xerox review: http://cdn.lawyerist.com/lawyerist/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/IMG_4576.pdf

    … it’s exceedingly crooked, and has no OCR. By not processing it with software, you’re essentially stuck with a sub-par scan. One of the things we really focus on with Doxie is its software, and creating really nice looking images. Even if you use the software that comes with the Xerox, it’s not going to produce the same results, and won’t deliver what Doxie can. The great thing about Doxie is that it stores your scans until you download them, and you always get great results.

    Other disadvantages to the Xerox product would be its size (it’s substantially larger and heavier than Doxie), it’s limited to 300 dpi, and it has no internal storage to work with. Quite surprised you’d suggest Xerox’s clearly limited offering over Doxie!

    – Paul Scandariato, Apparent

    • Sam Glover says:

      While I appreciate your point of view, I don’t agree. The Doxie Go is definitely the nicer hardware, but the ability to create multi-page PDFs on the go is very valuable for mobile lawyers, and the Doxie Go really ought to have that feature. What good is a portable scanner if you still have to use a computer to polish your documents before you can use them?

      Sure, you have the Eye-Fi card, but when using Eye-Fi, the Doxie Go doesn’t have it’s software, either. In other words, no PDFs at all. Why no PDFs? Or to be consistent, why not a Doxie Go mobile app, if you need the software to get the level of polish you want?

    • John Capurso says:

      Mr. Scandariato,

      I would agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong. The Xerox Mobile Scanner stands apart from the Doxie Go scanner on many points.

      The Xerox Mobile Scanner includes:

      • Multi-page PDF, a most valuable feature in legal document capture.
      • A software bundle (PaperPort, OmniPage and BizCard) that provides desktop document management, OCR, searchable PDF, synchronization of business cards with your contact manager, and more.
      • iOS & Android Mobile apps that let you send your PDF or JPG scanned files wirelessly and directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac or the Cloud.
      • A scanner-customized Eye-Fi card with PDF capabilities, instead of the retail Eye-Fi card that does not transmit PDF over WiFi.
      • More scans per charge, 300 pages for Xerox compared to Doxie’s 100.
      • An internal clock to accurately put time & date stamps on your scanned files.
      • Airplane Mode to keep you compliant with FAA in-flight rules of wireless devices.
      • “Eye-Fi awareness”, meaning the scanner won’t power off until all files have been transferred, no “WiFi-interruptus”.
      • Numerous awards including PC Magazine Editors’ Choice.

      Doxie has a good scanner, but Xerox has it beat.

      John Capurso, Visioneer

      • Sam Glover says:

        Fair enough, but the Xerox Mobile Scanner has two important flaws:

        1. Not an ounce of creativity went into its name. Although it’s definitely better than a string of letters and numbers, to be sure. At least you didn’t call it the X600kq240ds
        2. Its looks are even less interesting than the name. I know Xerox isn’t exactly known for industrial design, but a little bit of effort would have gone a long way.
      • John,

        I’d most certainly agree that Doxie Go stands apart from the Xerox Mobile Scanner on many points, but your conclusion lacks substantiation. I’ll offer some of Doxie’s unique strengths for contrast.

        Doxie Go offers:

        * Extreme portability. Doxie is tiny, and just 14.2 oz. Doxie’s 40% lighter and nearly 40% smaller than than the Xerox Mobile Scanner product — a tank in comparison.
        * Faster scanning. Doxie scans full color documents at just 8 seconds per page.
        * Higher scan quality. Doxie scans at up to 600 dpi, giving you 4x the pixels.
        * Superior software and overall user experience. Doxie delivers its own custom-designed software to sort, organize, and send your scans off to the cloud, along with the award-winning ABBYY® FineReader engine (PC Magazine’s Editors Choice in OCR software) built-in. It’s an important part of the user experience. And Doxie’s software gives you all the features on both Mac and PC.
        * Internal storage. Doxie Go has no SD card to leave plugged in or tote around. Doxie Go simply scans when you need it to — up to 600 pages per session — with no accessories, configuration, or “airplane mode” needed. Users can add an SD card, Eye-Fi card, or USB flash drive as well.
        * Clean, straight, crisp PDFs with OCR. Our advanced software makes sure your scans are straight and clear.
        * Smart hardware design. Along with Doxie’s size, Doxie offers a critically acclaimed industrial design with just one button — so you can focus on scanning, not goofing around with your device.
        * Doxie Go carries its own industry accolades and praise — browse around the web and see for yourself.

        Conclusion? Design and the complete user experience matters, and Doxie delivers.

        – Paul Scandariato, Apparent

        P.S. Readers shouldn’t listen to either one of us — we’re both oh-so-incredibly biased. Browse around the web, read some reviews, and figure out what works best for your needs. Or buy a few scanners off Amazon and return what doesn’t work out for you — ScanSnap makes some excellent models that are very much worth your consideration too. Pick the scanner that offers the best experience for your particular needs! Cheers.

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