Metadata Worksheet

In earlier days, you had to manually add keywords for each page of your firm’s website. However, that is not how search engines rank website content any longer. Search engines like Google will now look at your page content, title tag, and other factors to figure out how you rank. While you can use SEO […]


Client Persona Template

A client persona is a profile of your ideal client that helps you focus your decision making. With a client persona (or two or three), it becomes easier to figure out everything from how to decorate your office and which beverages to offer to which marketing channels to focus on, what communication tools to use, […]


Weekly Work Planning Template

This work-planning template lets you keep track of all your upcoming dates, deadlines, and tasks, plus it holds a week of most-important tasks. Here is a detailed guide to using this work planning template.


Questions for E-Discovery

It’s safe to say that electronic evidence will be involved in every new case you have. Ask your clients these questions to prepare thoroughly for the e-discovery process. 


Dissolving a Law Firm Checklist

Make sure you close down your law firm properly with this checklist.


Year-End Law Firm Checklist

The New Year is an excellent time to start reviewing your policies, procedures, and finances. This checklist will go over a number of aspects of your firm’s business: Files Finances Vendors Office Procedures Career Management and Goals Continuing Legal Education Once you’ve run through the year-end law firm checklist, you can be confident that your firm […]

Note Taking Template

Download this template to start taking better notes.


Professional Bio Form

Download this template to help you create an engaging biography that future clients will want to read.


Business Plan Template

We have created this template to help you create a business plan for your law firm. Review the information in this article for details.